nanoTechGraph 2017 is a global conference focussing on Graphene Research & 2D Materials Science, Graphene Industry interaction and collaborative innovation & commercialization. The conference will feature talks by graphene key leaders from all over the world on the most relevant topics facing this new industry. Participants will have the opportunity to interact, exchange ideas, and build new connections and the agenda is designed to suit anyone who is currently working on graphene nano-biotechnology and related field. The conference will present the most recent advances in nanotechnology developments and business opportunities in graphene commercialization and possible other 2D materials in the market. The conference will provide a platform for industry engagement and knowledge sharing across the graphene nano-bioscience and technology.

The nanoTechGraph 2017 conference topics include, but not limited to:

  • Graphene & other 2D Materials
  • Growth, synthesis techniques & integration methods
  • Graphene modification & functionalization
  • nanoGraphene, Graphene Oxide, Graphene
  • Aerogel & Inks
  • Large-scale graphene production & Characterization
  • Chemistry & biological studies of graphene
    Graphene-based nanocomposites
  • Graphene-related health & environment research
  • nanoTechnology Applications of graphene and related 2D materials in electronics/ Flexible Electronics, photonics, spintronics, Optoelectronics & sensors
  • nanoMagnetism in Graphene & other 2D materials
  • Applications of graphene in energy, including
  • photovoltaics, energy storage, fuel cells & hydrogen
  • storage
  • Application of Graphene in biomedical area
  • Graphene: Innovation & commercialization
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